MKPI Site Launched

Starting a small business is stressful enough, but introducing your business with a new website doesn't have to be. Our latest site launch is a perfect example of our collaborative approach to web design. Our client, Molley Klier, a 15 year veteran of the SFPD, recently started a Private Investigation business, and we built her website to introduce her to the world. The site uses Molley's descriptions of her business expertise, while we matched up imagery, colors, and modern design to fit her style.

Joomla vs Wordpress

There are many content management systems (CMSs) available, but we specialize in two: Joomla and Wordpress. Which is right for you? As a web designer, I love working with both platforms. Both are improving all the time, have plenty of industry support, and both knock out great looking websites. From a consumer perspective, I'm not sure there is much difference. Both site platforms offer lots of features and its frankly hard to tell the difference. However from a web designer, website owner perspective, the differences are easy to spot. Here is my checklist of which CMS rates higher in the following categories.

Search Engine Optimization Basics

All Pelyon Studios websites receive basic SEO features that make them accessible to the major search engines.  Being visible to search engine robots (simple and automated data retrieval programs) allows these "bots" to read your content and present them to search engine users looking for your type of content.  Since they can't read images per se,  bots rely on text, descriptions and titles to read your site. That's why it's important to consistently place certain keywords and phrases in your sites content that reflect your sites distinct messaging. Other factors also influence where your site ranks compared to your competition.

Converting Visitors to Customers

Certainly driving traffic to your site takes attention to a lot of detail and is a process seemingly without end. You really can't have enough links pointing to your site, keywords need to be reevaluated periodically, and content must not become stale. The good news is increasing your site traffic gets you to about the 20 yard line. In football parlance, you've gotten the ball in the red zone, now can you score. Turning site visitors into paying customers is the touchdown in this scenario.