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SEO Booster Details

An outstanding value, The SEO Booster package is designed to raise your site profile to search engines. You may already be getting "good results" but they can always improve because the internet is fluid. Keyword trends and site content change, search algorithms are modified, and new competitors with larger marketing budgets pop up all the time. Who doesn't need a boost once in a while?

Here's what the SEO Booster package includes:

  • Site Analysis, Discussion
  • Keyword and competitor research
  • Keyword placement on site
  • Configure SEO plug in/component
  • Site Registration on Google and Bing
  • Site map creation and submission
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Make further recommendations
  • (6) Monthly progress reports

Offer applies to Wordpress and Joomla sites only up to 20 pages. Will optimize one keyword per page. Wordpress sites cost $295, Joomla sites: $395. Terms: 50% down, 50% upon completion. 100% money back guarantee that we will improve your search rankings on search terms we select. The degree of improvement depends on competition for the keywords selected, and the quantity/quality of site content. To be effective, keywords must be supported by relevant site content, so expect slight to moderate modifications to your site text. The SEO Booster package is designed to boost your SEO rankings of organic search. Results will take several months. For more immediate results, you can invest in a PPC campaign.Contact us here to get started. See our SEO Case Studies here.

Website Maintenance 

Have a Wordpress or Joomla site that needs upkeep? Just want to keep your current site current? Let us manage the maintenance on you site for a small annual fee.  Let us be your webmaster to deal with the sometimes pesky details of website ownership. The PS Website Maintenance plan includes:

  • Software updates
  • Site Security
  • Minor content updates
  • Applies to Wordpress and Joomla sites only
  • Optional Web Hosting Service

The PS Website Maintenance plan runs $240 per year. Our optional web hosting costs $120/year.

We are also available for one time maintenance needs at a rate of $65/hr. One time needs can include:

  • Site content needs updating
  • Convert an html site to an easier to maintain Wordpress or Joomla site
  • Security hacks have disabled some or all of your site
  • Move site from one host to another

Whatever your Wordpress or Joomla needs are, Pelyon Studios is standing by to right the ship and return your website to smooth sailing.

SEO Case Studies

E-Waste Collective

Concerned their new site wasn’t reaching their intended audience, e-waste collective, a local non-profit recycling company, hired Pelyon Studios in May, 2015 to target their SEO efforts. Through research on competitors and keyword trends, and based on volume and relevancy, the decision was made to accept our recommendation to feature a group of keyword phrases to feature on the e-waste collective site. When the project started, the e-waste collective’ highest SERP (search engine ranking pages) result was 21st for the term “recycle computers”, their primary business. They ranked 186th for computer recycling, and 196th for e-recycling. Everyone knows, if you aren’t at least on the top 10 results, the chance of you being clicked on are remote. On a follow up report in October 2015, the results were very different. E-waste collective ranked #5 for recycle computers, #4 for computer recycling, and #6 for e-recycling. In total, e-recycling ranked in the top 10 for 5 terms, and one in the top 15. Traffic from organic search now sits at 24%, and we continue to monitor results.

Business Matters for the Visual Arts

In the highly competitive field of art appraisal, BMVA hired Pelyon Studios in February 2014 to give them a competitive edge in google rankings. Without the marketing budget of the large players like Christies and Sotheby's, BMVA just wanted to be found and considered as a viable option. After extensive research on competitors and keyword trends, a group of keyword and other recommendations were delivered to BMVA. At the start of the project, BMVA had no top 10 rankings in google for anything but their company name. Their best was #22 for “art appraiser san francisco”. With a strategy of selecting moderately competitive keywords, and focusing on local search terms, results steadily improved. Six months later, they had two top 10 rankings and four top 20 rankings. Two years later, results continued to improve. Of the 14 keywords optimized throughout their site, BMVA now has 6 keywords in the top 10, 4 in the top 20, and the rest in the top 40.

JollyWasher 76

The carwash and auto detailing business is highly competitive in Sonoma county, and the owners wanted to make sure their new website worked for them by bringing in new customers. They hired Pelyon Studios to focus their web content so they would be found on the search engines. At the beginning of a six month program, we researched all the competitors in the area as well as what terms people use to look for a car wash. Was it “car wash” or “carwash”? Turns out it’s both. We settled on ten keywords that were most appropriate to the business and to the terms people actually use. Prior to our optimization efforts, the site’s highest ranking was 51st for “carwash sonoma”. Within six months, we firmly established this service station on google and bing at the top of the page. Jollywasher76 was in the top 5 results for all their keywords, three at #1. Most amazingly, three years later, in 2016, they have 5 #1 rankings, three #2, and one #4.